Five Resources I Love

There are so many wonderful resources for early childhood educators and out of school professionals. These are five resources that challenge me to think about my image of the child as an educator. Whenever I reflect on these resources – they help me deepen my thinking and pause to see that the work I do is part of a larger picture.

Boulder Journey School

The Boulder Journey School documents their journey with Teachers as Researchers through their website, professional development, and social media. Visit this website to be inspired by their multi-media documentation of children’s learning.

Montessorium (Montessori Education)

Do you want to understand more about Montessori and the materials. Check out Montessorium under the Encyclopedia for descriptions on the purpose of materials in the Montessori classroom and Community section for blogs and videos on Montessori.

National Association for the Education of Young Children Code of Ethics

In our profession, we are often looking for a professional compass to guide our work. The NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment offers guidelines for responsible behavior and sets forth a common basis for resolving the principal ethical dilemmas encountered in early childhood care and education. It is a document designed to support the “district values and moral obligation in the field of early childhood care and education.

 Portland Children’s Museum’s Teaching and Learning YouTube Channel

The Portland Children’s Museum supports early childhood educator, elementary school educators and other professionals interested in constructivist education with workshops,  publications and a wonderful youTube channel. Check out the wonderful videos, especially Story Workshop: Supporting Children with Disabilities and download the companion text Equity and Access through Story Workshop.

Trust for Learning

Trust for Learning supports and advocates for ideal learning: child-centric, emotionally and intellectually engaging, structured and accountable for developing skills for life success. Be sure to Check out their Theory of Change for Raising All Ships in learner-centered education.

What resources do you love?