The Spirit of the Child


Our values, beliefs, and actions when working along side young children, all start with our image of the child. How we see children is at the foundation of all our relationships with children. Our image of the child both conscious and unconscious guides not only how we engage with children, but also how we design environments and experiences.

At Possibilities ECE, we want to share small acts of service within the Early Childhood Education Community. The classes we offer come from a desire to share our experience and knowledge with others, so children, families, educators, and the learning community will grow and thrive.

Our new online class is titled, The Spirit of the Child: Understanding How Children Make Meaning of their World. The class takes a deeper look at the following questions. Why is it important to reflect on our image of the child? How does spending time reflecting on children impact our daily practice as early childhood educators? We will explore the spirit of the child, through five different lenses, play, imagination, being present, social interactions, and inner lives.

For professional development, The Spirit of the Child, is a one and a half hour, set one class from the human growth and development core knowledge category.

Our goal for online learning is for educators to learn from each other. Our classes are a template to start a discussion. Along the journey we hope to provide some new information and start a process of inquiry for the learner. Our classes are not the end of your learning journey they are the beginning. We want to partner with you, learn from you, and support as many educators as possible along a path of wondering, inquiry, and discovery. Our classes’ focus on the personal development of our professional self.

Join us, meet new people, share interesting ideas, and connect with others in the Early Learning Community. A host of possibilities await those who choose to become part of something filled with the potential to help all of us grow in our practice.

Additionally, we believe the cost of professional development should not be a barrier for an individual or group to further their knowledge and improve their practice. With this in mind, our intention at Possibilities ECE is to offer our classes and let you decide their value. The way we can offer classes with no initial cost is to partner with the members of the learning community.

If you would like to join us on this learning journey click the Online Learning button at the top of our website and then click the link to The Spirit of the Child: Understanding How Children Make Meaning of their World. and we look forward to learning alongside you.

Thank you for taking into consideration our mission, we hope you enjoy and gain benefit from our classes. It is our pleasure to serve you and all of the members of the early childhood learning community.

Best wishes on your learning journey,

Greg and Ingri