A Learning Journey


This week, Possibilities ECE started offering online learning. Our first class is titled, “Exploring Deeply; Fostering Creative Thinking in Early Childhood.” With this class and our offerings to come we are employing a few different ideas than other learning opportunities in our field.

One of the changes we decided to employ when offering our classes was to offer “No Certificate.” We realize that for most of our professional development lives educators have collected a certificate, our proof that we attended or participated in continuing education. We realize that most of us, who work in the field, need proof of hours to work with children. We fall into that category too.

There are many great providers and workshops that offer the training and education required to keep current with your governing agency. In the past we have presented this type of offering, but for now we think it is time to practice what we preach, to align ourselves with the philosophies that guide our path.

In learner centered pedagogies, the guiding light is about learning for the joy of the educational journey. We invite children to have wonderings and then to explore the possibilities of those wonderings. There are no tests, grades, or certificates being handed out. This type of learning is done for the sheer joy of discovery. Acquisition is the gift, along with a new world of experiences that open up for the learner.

Our goal for online learning is for educators to learn from each other. Our classes are templates to start a discussion. Along the journey we hope to provide some new information and start a process of inquiry for the learner. Our classes are not the end of your learning journey they are the beginning. We want to partner with you, learn from you, and support as many educators as possible along a path of wondering, inquiry, and discovery.

This is an opportunity to see professional development in a new light. To value it in the same way we value the practices we do with children on a daily basis. Therefore, we are inviting you to join us, come along for the ride, meet new people, share interesting ideas, and connect with others in the Early Learning Community. A host of possibilities await those who choose to become part of something a little different, slightly out of our comfort zone, but filled with the potential to help all of us grow into our practice and build the learning community.