New Workshops at Possibilities ECE


At Possibilites ECE, we write articles to share with the early childhood education community, create in-person professional development, and create interactive professional development workshops.

Our work is focused around the belief that children are creators of their knowledge through long-term project learning. Those who join us in our interactive workshops come from a variety of early childhood settings. 

They are as passionate about early childhood as we are. Each individual brings his or her own specific voice to the Possibilities ECE professional development environment. 

We focus on interactive formats as a model for how we wish to be in the world of early childhood education. We seek a variety of viewpoints and strengths to enrich our conversations. What we have in common is our shared value of children’s endless possibilities.

We have added three new workshops to our course menu.

Who Am I in the Classroom? An Introduction to Our Role as Educators is a 1.5 hour workshop that helps us discover who we are as educators. We examine our role in the classroom, explore how questions inform our practice and learn to better collaborate with children as co-learners. We also examine our values as educators, how our work with children is emotional labor, and learn about the importance of self-care.

The Rights of the Child: Understanding the Pathways that Support Children’s Rights in Education is a 3 hour workshop that introduces us to the rights of the child, the rights of the child in education, and our role as educators in supporting young children as capable members of our classrooms and communities.

The Elements of Space Design: An Investigation into Transforming Classroom Environments is a 3 hour workshop that introduces us to the journey of thinking, evaluating, and acting intentionally when designing or re-designing spaces where children play and learn.

We would love for you join us for one or more of our interactive workshops. 

If you are interested in learning more, click the online learning tab at the top of the Possibilities ECE home page or click this link and through the magic of the Internet you will be there. 

Thank you for supporting our work, It is our honor to partner with you and all the members of the early childhood education community.

Best wishes on your learning journey,

Greg and Ingrid