Possibilities ECE provides supports to individuals, programs, and systems. Our focus in on empowerment of early childhood professionals. We believe in the endless possibilities of children, educators, schools, and communities.  To create whole, healthy communities, we come alongside our colleagues to think on who we want to be in the lives of young children as we enact our practice. Way finding---supporting a shared vision for early childhood---is the foundation of our work at Possibilities ECE.

From professional development to system building, we focus on meeting the needs of the individual educator and program within the context of the larger community and system. Our work honors the individual educator within their program and into the broader community by making visible the remarkable work early childhood educators do everyday.

We offer the following services singly or in combination:

  • professional development

  • individual and program e-portfolio development

  • coaching and consulting in reflective early childhood leadership in the classroom, program, and larger community

  • ece leadership supports from the classroom and programs

  • documentation in the classroom and the development of program publications

  • research and white papers on policy and system issues from a community of practice perspective

We work in the areas of

  • unique practices: supporting the development of sustainable education

  • visible ece: creating visibility for individual educators or communities of practice

  • ece leadership: processes that support collaborative leadership at all levels

  • reflective practice: focusing on the ethics, vision, and values we hold about children's possibilities

  • research: action research in communities of practice and system research, including community and system gaps analysis in learner centered education

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