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  • Exploring Deeply: Fostering Creative Thinking in Early Childhood

    Oregon CKC: Human Growth and Development, Set Two, 2 Hours.

    Exploring Deeply: Fostering Creative Thinking in Early Childhood, introduces us to the ways that young children build theories in their daily lives. This workshop will challenge your thinking about the infinite capabilities of young children to lead the construction of knowledge in the world around them.

  • The Spirit of the Child: Understanding How Children Make Meaning of their World

    Oregon CKC: Human Growth and Development, Set One, 1.5 Hours

    The Spirit of the Child: Understanding How Children Make Meaning of their World, introduces us to why is it important to reflect on our image of the child and how this impacts our daily practice as early childhood educators. In this course we will explore the image of the child, through five different lenses, play, imagination, being present, social interactions, and inner lives. 

Support other Educators and Our Mission

Pay It Forward

At Possibilities ECE, we want to share small acts of service within the Early Childhood Education Community. We offer professional development online for the community we are a part of and love. The classes we offer come from a desire to use our experience and knowledge to share with others, so children, families, educators, and the learning community will grow and thrive.

Our mission is to offer services and support as many educators and providers as possible. Our intention is to change how we think about education by focusing on the learning and shaping of ideas. Additionally, we believe the cost of professional development should not be a barrier for an individual or group to further their knowledge and improve their practice. With this in mind, our intention at Possibilities ECE is to offer our classes and let you decide their value.

Possibilities ECE is a purpose driven company.

The way we can offer classes with no initial cost is to partner with the members of the learning community. We want to invite you to establish a connection with other educators. We are going to invite all educators to help each other, fund the work, and our mission.

We love this idea so much we wanted to create classes that we give freely and then watch as the learning community gives to each other. If you feel our classes are of value, and would be of value to others, all you have to do is push the Pay It Forward button and make a contribution for the next person. On the payment page it says $0.00. Then it is up to you.

Thank you for taking into consideration our mission, we hope you enjoy and gain benefit from our classes. It is our honor to serve you and all of the members of the early childhood community.

Best wishes on your learning journey,

Greg and Ingrid

Possibilities ECE