Possibilities ECE is committed to providing rich learning experiences for those who work with or on behalf of young children, birth through eight years.

Workshops, customized to your program, range from 3 hours to multi-day.

A Classroom of Loose Parts

  • How do we create environments of wonder and inquiry? We start by designing environments that encourage rich, layered interaction. Through loose parts create environments that invite children and early childhood educators to become co-learners in sustained project work. In this workshop, explore classroom, design, selection of materials, and development of provocations are explored to create classrooms of possibilities. 

Documentation in the Classroom (full day workshops only)

  • Documentation often starts with a wondering or question about children or early childhood educator practice. Documentation is one of the foundations of professional practice. Using a cyclical process to explore classroom learning- develop skills in documenting experiences, looking for meaning, diving deeper into inquiry, and implementing change as a participant-researcher in the classroom. Documentation workshops support early childhood educators and schools in exploring their practice and intentions to strengthen intentional, reflective work in their schools.

Communication as Relationship Building

  • Communication is a vital piece of our professional practice.  How we connect with others to share our practice and our expectations requires intentional actions. The way we choose to communicate can transform our understanding and relationships with others. Through collaborative skill building activities, we practice strategies that encourage active listening and conflict resolution. Communication workshops support early childhood educators, schools, and communities in growing their communication values and practices with each other and parents to strengthen shared practices in programs.

Finding Our Voices; ECE Leadership 

  • ECE leadership is a way of being that connects and moves ideas, organizations, and people forward. Leadership is a verb. Verbs by their very nature express actions or states of being. Working as leaders, in classrooms, programs or communities offers an opportunity to celebrate people, ideas, and organizations. To look at multidirectional and multidimensional ways of thinking, being and doing, is to embrace leadership. ECE leadership workshops encourage all early childhood educators, regardless of position, to find their leadership voice.

Reflective Practice as Empowerment

  • As early childhood educators, we are constantly engaged in reflective practice in our classrooms, our programs, and in our community. We examine the assumptions about reflective practice, techniques, and tools that can be used in expanding our practice as reflective practitioners. Using learning journals, a critical incident reflection framework, and collaborative action learning groups, we deepen our thinking about our practice. 

Unique Practices that Inspire

  • Why is it that some early childhood educators' work inspire us? What is it in their stories and practice that help us improve our own? Though the voices and images of early childhood educators, we explore what it means to be deep thinkers and doers in our own practice. The lessons and reflections that we take back to our own settings, help us delve into what it means to be fully present in our work. Unique practices workshops support the development of a strategic plan of action for classroom and program practice.

Visible ECE in Our Schools and Communities

  • Societal norms both embrace and shun the work of early childhood educators. Visibility is the ability to tell your story. Our stories of our practice are among the most powerful tools we have to advocate for ourselves and our profession. The image that we hold of the child is at the heart of being able to speak clearly and meaningfully about our practice. This workshop explores how to craft our values into statements that we can use when we represent ourselves and our programs in print, in policy, and in the media.


Three hour workshops are $500 for up to twenty-five people. Each additional hour is $125.  Travel cost apply for programs more that 50 miles from Portland, Oregon.

What this includes: up to one hour planning together for customized workshop, all workshop materials, and follow-up from workshop.

Keynote pricing starts at $600, plus travel for Dr. Anderson.