Lifetime educators and partners Ingrid Anderson Ed.D. and Greg Baker believe in the endless possibility of children. As individuals and a team, they have studied how to bring our best selves to the classroom, as co-learners with children. When introduced to Reggio Inspired programs, Bank Street, Rudolf Steiner, and Montessori, their interest in constructivist practices took off. Over the past decade, Ingrid and Greg have worked to refine their beliefs about who we are as leaders and co-learners an in the classroom. We have explored the tenants of social constructivism as a learning platform, the environment as third teacher, and social justice to refine our belief system about what it means to be an early childhood educator today.

Beyond the work happening in early childhood programs, Ingrid and Greg have worked towards more livable state policy in the classroom. After extensive work in multiple state professional development systems, Ingrid completed her degree by working alongside early childhood educators, in looking at the effect of professional development systems on early childhood educators lives. This three year labor of love reinforced for Ingrid---and Greg who had to read the dissertation multiple times---that the early childhood field is widely under-recognized, under-valued, and under-visible resulting in policy making that is misinformed. Our goal is to make the extraordinary work that happens in early childhood classrooms by early childhood educators visible and valued for the possibilities they bring to shaping early childhood education practice and policy.

hoto Credit: Greg Baker

Ingrid Anderson, Ed.D.

Ingrid has spent the past 25 years reflecting on her practice in early childhood education. From the classroom to the policy table, Ingrid came to realize that early childhood educators' voices are often left out of vital conversations. It became Ingrid's lifework to support spaces for early childhood educators to share their stories in their own.

hoto Credit: Greg Baker

Greg Baker

My mission is providing visibility to the childcare profession by supporting educators, children, and families. I create continuing education opportunities for childcare professionals and explore learner centered pedagogies. I am a practitioner, that thrives on the classroom adventure and co-learning with the children in Primary and Elementary settings. My intention is to share the best ideas and practices in child development and help the profession grow in the service to others.



Our Colleagues

Our colleagues come from a variety of early childhood settings. They are as passionate about early childhood as Greg and Ingrid. Each individual brings his or her own specific voice to Possibilities ECE. PECE uses this format as a model for how we wish to be in the world of early childhood education. Rather than collaborating with like-minded individuals PECE seeks a variety of viewpoints and strengths to enrich our conversations. What the team has in common---is a shared value of children’s endless possibilities. It is our hope as a team, that early childhood educators, policy makers, parents, and communities can come together on a belief of children’s limitless potential, rather that become stuck on one path in early childhood education.