Lifetime educators and partners Ingrid Anderson Ed.D. and Greg Baker believe in the endless possibility of children. As individuals and a team, they have studied how to bring our best selves to the classroom, as co-learners with children. When introduced to Reggio Inspired programs, Bank Street, Rudolf Steiner, and Montessori, their interest in constructivist practices took off. Over the past decade, Ingrid and Greg have worked to refine their beliefs about who we are as leaders and co-learners an in the classroom. We have explored the tenants of social constructivism as a learning platform, the environment as third teacher, and social justice to refine our belief system about what it means to be an early childhood educator today.

We love our home state of Oregon (above picture) and enjoy all the opportunities that our beautiful state offers. Our travels take us around the world, as we meet with educators. One of our greatest joys is to learn from others and their images of children. In the last few years, we have worked with educators from Australia, Peru, Canada, China, Italy and New Zealand. We are thrilled that our blog is read in over 75 countries. Join us in the conversation.

hoto Credit: Greg Baker

Ingrid Anderson, Ed.D.

Ingrid celebrates joy in early childhood. As a researcher, she studies the emotions of working in early childhood education. For the past 30-years, Ingrid has worked as a classroom educator, director, administrator, and now university professor thinking about how we find our purpose in our work. Her passion is holding space for early childhood educators to share their experience of teaching and living in the classroom. Currently, she is the Coordinator of the Infant Toddler Mental Health program and the Co-Coordinator of the Masters of Early Childhood: Inclusive Education program at Portland State University. She has published in NAEYC’s Young Children, Canadian Children, and Journal for Multicultural Education. Ingrid believes celebrating everyday moments creates greater joy, wonder, and curiosity in our lives.  

hoto Credit: Greg Baker

Greg Baker

Being part of the learning community, I want to support the childcare profession by engaging in acts of service for early childhood educators, children, and families. My current work focuses on creating continuing education opportunities for childcare professionals and writing about my exploration of learner centered pedagogies. I am a 23 year practitioner in School-Age and Pre-School care that thrives on the classroom adventure and co-learning with the children. My intention is to share ideas and practices in child development and help Early Childhood Professionals grow in their service to others. 

In partnership with Ingrid, I have presented workshops at State and National Conferences, focusing on early childhood, extended learning environments, and constructivist practices. My educational background is in Recreation Administration and Early Childhood Education. My continuing education is focused on Constructivist Practices and the writings of Maria Montessori. My professional experience includes a variety of pedagogical settings from public education, private, corporate, and non-profit. I am an Oregon Registry Community Trainer.