ECE leadership occurs in many forms from the classroom to the director.  We believe that leadership is a stance that everyone in the program can embrace as a way to lead a classroom, a program, a community, an organization, or a state. 

Leadership is not to be confused with management, defined as the day-to-day structures of running a program. Rather leadership looks at the image of the child that we hold in our practice.

At Possibilities ECE, we want to visit and interview those who work with and on behalf of young children. If you are interested in sharing your unique practicesvisible ece experiencereflective practices or ece leadership or please send us an email. 

What you can do prepare:

  • Think about your practice. Decide what you would want to highlight for early childhood educators, communities, and policy makers. 
  • Check you or your program's release of information policy.
  • Contact PECE to visit your program.