Living Now


What does it mean to have a calling? Do I need to have a calling? There are activities I enjoy but is that a calling? According to Webster’s, a calling is, “A strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action.”

In search of clearer understanding I read more. I discovered one idea that made the most sense. Instead of searching for a calling look for a purpose.

Our purpose is revealed when we live in the moment. The present is where life is happening. The excitement of life is in front of us and possibly we miss meaningful experiences because we worry too much about the past and the future.

Our purpose in education is to enjoy our practice by being present in the experience. This could be guiding children, solving problems, being a co-learner, leading or collaborating with other educators, and helping families while taking in the sensations of the experience. We can savor the joy that comes from helping others grow and thrive.

The beauty of having a purpose is that the options are limitless. Having a purpose creates an exciting environment in which to live. So find something you care about in our field and do work in service of others. This is our purpose and our calling.