Being Thankful


Every year we celebrate traditional holidays that invite us as people to come together and be thankful for all our experiences in life. It is a wonderful time of year to reflect on life and remind ourselves how blessed we are. Usually our thoughts focus on family and friends and how they make our lives richer and more complete. 

As an educator, we have another family we engage with everyday that adds a richness and value to our life. This family consists of all the children, parents, fellow educators, and others that make up our learning community.

As we take time to reflect during this season, it is important to take a little time and reflect on all of the richness our learning community adds to our life. 

There are many aspects in the life of an educator. Not only are we in the classroom we are parents, students, and community members just like the people we serve. We have challenges and joys in life like everyone else, and much of our existence is wrapped around our chosen profession. 

Imagining all details that are part of being an educator it would be easy to become distracted and miss out on all of wonderful things we witness working with children. Being in education is an amazing journey we are on. We get to observe and learn little nuisances about life, growth, and discovery that most people miss because they do not have the same opportunity to learn alongside young people as we do. We are fortunate to be involved in a profession that builds community, nurtures the best in humanity, helps children follow their dreams, and champions the greater good. 

What are you thankful for? How has your work with children enhanced your life?